Honda Sales Manager

We are just about ready to move into our new dealership on Route 28 in downtown Salem, NH! Our Move in date is June 9th! This is an exciting time to be a part of the Rockingham team, and we are seeking a new Sales Manager who will be ready to grow with us.
As a Rockingham Sales Manager, you will be leading your sales team to achieve monthly sales goals and maintain the highest customer service standards, as evaluated by our CSI.
You will be required to be a hands-on team player, as you will be present on the sales floor to work with customers, help your sales team close sales, and ensure timely customer follow up. This is NOT a behind-the-scenes job, as you'll need to be actively working with the sales team and on the floor to help our customers.
On a daily basis, the Sales Manager will be:
Meeting and greeting customers
Working on the floor with the sales consultants
Assisting negotiation and closing by being direct, honest and friendly
Helping sales consultants with their daily customer follow-ups
Perform short training sessions with sales consultants, keeping staff updated on product, procedures and expectations
You are:
Have excellent communication skills (written and in person)
Able to negotiate effectively, efficiently, and honestly
On time
Energized and motivated
Able to motivate and inspire your sales team
HS degree, College degree preferred
Sales Manager experience (2+ Years)

Aggressive pay plan: Salary, Commission, Full benefits, +401k

Don't Be Fooled

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