CFO Construction Industry 2040 (Salem)

Company Name:
Absolute Opportunities
CFO Construction Industry 2040 (Salem)
Job Title: CFO Construction Industry
/ Finance / Billing / Collections
Relocation Available: Yes
Industry: Construction
new hampshire
Town / City: Salem
Job Type: Permanent full-time
Job description:
We are looking for a candidate in the general area with financial leadership experience, CFO or similar, in the construction or general contracting industry.
As a member of the senior
team, the Chief Financial Officer directs, plans, controls and coordinates the overall financial activities of the Company, and will directly manage Corporate Finance, Treasury and Cash Management, Tax and Regulatory Compliance, Accounting & Reporting, Information
, Planning, Forecasting, Budgeting, Credit and Collection, as well as Administration and Human Resources.
The CFO will establish and maintains relationships with lending institutions, shareholder representatives and the financial
. Along with the other members of senior management, the CFO will identify and negotiate terms for new capital and will be instrumental in the process of providing financial information and guidance to the executive team and Board of Directors.
Key, Direct Areas of Accountability:
1. The CFO directs the financial strategy of the Company ensuring that adequate financial resources will be available to accomplish its mission. At the same time, managing the costs of acquiring these resources to minimize risk and increase value for the shareholders.
2. The CFO directs the Planning efforts through coordination with Operational Managers to develop the Long-Range Plan and the Annual Operating Plan. Analyses of business aspects beyond compilation of numbers. Provides planning and analytical expertise.
3. Along with the other members of senior management, the CFO accurately and completely represents the Company to lenders and the financial community.
4. The CFO manages cash flow, investments and credit lines to maximize productivity of the Company's financial resources.
5. The CFO directs the Accounting function in providing the necessary systems, internal controls and reports such that the Company's assets are safeguarded, costs controlled, and assets deployed in the most efficient manner.
Financial Reporting and Management
1. Prepares periodic financial statements in accordance with GAAP including reporting for Bankers and others on a timely basis. Responsible for developing short and long term financial plans and forecasts as well as overseeing an Accounting
and staff who are charged with the following:
a. Rapid production of monthly financial statements, audited reports and records of the Company and its operating groups.
b. Establishing and instituting proper
systems to ensure accuracy and timeliness of reporting.
c. Preparing periodic reports of budgets and forecasts for management, with particular attention to cash flow, forecasts and revenue projections.
2. Coordinating audits of records with outside accounting firm.
3. Performs cost accounting and ratio analysis of various aspects and divisions of the Company as needed, with an eye on improving profitability.
4. Oversees the development and implementation of a risk management plan with senior management and outside vendors.
5. Oversees the determination of depreciation rates as they apply to capital assets.
6. Works closely with Accountants, Bankers, Lawyers and other members of the senior management team.
Information Systems - Oversees the IT Manager
1. Directs the Information Systems function to ensure that appropriate, accurate and timely information is supplied to operational management.
2. Develops, monitors and implements necessary changes in the Company's system of internal controls such that Company's assets are safeguarded and information is reported accurately and in a timely manner.
Tax and Regulatory Compliance
1. Directs tax planning and reporting including the identification of tax savings opportunities.
2. Oversees preparation and filing of all federal, state and local income tax returns for the Company.
3. Oversees preparation and filing of federal and state excise sales tax returns.
4. Oversees preparation and filing of all pension forms and related documentation.
5. Ensures compliance with all outside regulatory agencies and organizations.
6. Coordinates with other department heads to assist with compliance issues as they arise.
7. Works closely with external Auditors.
Treasury and Cash Management
1. Act as primary contact with banking and lending community.
2. Responsible for developing and instituting long and short term borrowing plans with outside sources.
3. Institute cash management policies to maximize short term yield.
4. Responsible for the establishment of formal credit policies.
5. Oversee collections of accounts receivable to ensure minimum aging of accounts.
Additional Duties:
1. Works with senior management to develop strategies for maintaining profitable growth.
2. Works with senior management to develop a " Lean" manufacturing and accounting environment.
3. Develops methodologies for enhancing and documenting all policies and procedures.
4. Participate in the identification and due diligence of possible acquisitions or mergers.
5. Oversees the implementation of standard operating procedures and cutting edge technologies throughout the Company.
Human Resources - Oversees the HR Manager
Monitor the Human Resources Department on a regular basis to insure the support provided by this department meets company employee relations, recruiting, and administrative needs.
Qualifications/Knowledge Guidelines:
BS degree, MBA or CPA preferred
Minimum 10 years progressive business experience with exposure to closely held entrepreneurial companies preferred.
Through knowledge and understanding of finance.
A balance of strategic vision and hands-on experience.
Strong leadership and team building qualities
Committed, tough minded pragmatic, performance-driven personality.
A track record of good judgment and prudent risk taking.
Proven success in Accounting, Planning and Management.
Strong strategic, analytical and planning skills.
Strong communication skills both verbal and written with the ability to motivate and direct people.
Energetic, dynamic, and able to work independently with minimal direction.
Experience managing and implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning system or similar system.
Bottom Line Requirements:
1. Bachelor's Degree required. MBA or CPA preferred.
2. 10 + years progressive financial experience with recent experience in the construction industry in a financial leadership role.
3. Local or close enough for a short easy move

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